Marbury was formed in early 2013 when we joined together to provide fiduciary and ancillary services to the alternative investments industry.

We found that we shared a common desire to provide personalised fiduciary services of the highest quality. We wanted the ease of sharing ideas and industry knowledge, experience and resources with our peers and colleagues in a way not possible for individuals acting alone. Forming Marbury would allow us to retain control over the management of our respective appointments while sharing responsibility for the obligations associated with operating a regulated business. Our complementary skillsets, extensive experience in our respective fields and strong relationships with other stakeholders in the industry would enable Marbury to stand out among our competitors.

After a number of years in existence the principals determined that corporate governance services would be our sole focus and core competency.

Marbury commenced operations in March 2013. We hold a companies management licence issued by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and are regulated under the Companies Management Law.